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Videoblogging Week 2006 is over

A quick summary:Monday: Docu-style ego piece.… Way too long.Tuesday: Shot 2+ hours at a con­fer­ence, didn’t get time to to soemthing exclu­sively for VBW06.Wednesday: Went to the air­port at night to shoot pictures.Thursday: Inter­est­ing day. Con­tinue read­ing

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[VBW06] Saturday: Airplay opening

filme online 127 hours airplay.mov — 7:13 Post from Sat­ur­day evening. Air­play opened their new space. Rain and cold — and good peo­ple and a nice party.

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[VBW06] Sunday: Summer’s cancelled

I don’t know why we fight over who gets to stay in our lit­tle coun­try. I don’t want to be here if it’s gonna rain like this. Con­tinue read­ing

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[VBW06] Wednesday: Flyvergrillen by night

Together with Hau­rum and Heick­endorf we went dri­ving, got lost, got lost again, didn’t shoot any planes, but had a pleas­ant night in the cold. My pho­tos over at Flickr.(I know, I’m mess­ing up the order of my video posts — but I was so busy shoot­ing FDIH video Tues­day that I didn’t get around to doing some­thing for VBW06. Con­tinue read­ing

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[VBW06] Monday: A day in the life

It’s Videoblog­ging Week 2006 and while not hav­ing any bril­liant con­cepts for a video, first things first: A day in the life, edited from 99 clips last­ing over 90 min­utes shot in a rainy Copen­hagen while doing what­ever I had to do… Con­tinue read­ing

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Videoblogging Week 2006

Andreas Haugstrup pointed to the fact, that today is the first day of Videoblog­ging Week 2006. Sim­ple rules; seven days, seven videos. Tag it videobloggingweek2006. I’ve been shoot­ing a lot of film today, hope­fully I’ll get time to edit and post … Con­tinue read­ing

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